Rachel Riggio

The Undeniable Beauty of Ordinariness & Surrender

I’ve recently been given a gift. No doubt, most people would interpret it as a significant setback. However, at this point in my life, I’ve been learning that the most powerful thing I can do is go with the flow and act as if the Universe is constantly communicating with me.  Where the path moves forward …

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Do you enjoy Meditation? What are the scientific benefits?

There are countless scientific articles and research papers that explain the benefits of meditation. It has been shown to have multiple benefits from promoting happiness and wellbeing to increasing brain entropy which is associated with high intelligence and anti-aging. Meditation is scientifically proven to increase the protein BDNF, improve the health of every cell, and increase …

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Be Your Own Guide

Be Your Own Guide is written with the intention to inspire, motivate and empower readers to utilize the energy of the Universe so we can truly thrive. We have been conditioned to believe we are less than we truly are and to live in fear of scarcity. When I learned about the Law of Attraction …

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Welcome to my Blog

My name is Rachel Riggio and I am so grateful for what I have attracted into my life. I currently get to write about making the world a better place and spread awareness on topics that promotes a collective rise to thrive movement.  All of a sudden, I have one book out, one about to …

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